The Amory Score #3: Everything Evil

Friends, welcome back to Episode 3 of The Amory Score, where we take you track by track through the most ridiculous and inscrutable Star Wars rip off ever made, the works of Coheed and Cambria. When last we left our heroes they had murdered three (3) of their children, and they about to ask themselves a question you should never, ever ask in that situation:

"Wait, why the fuck did we kill our kids again?"

Also, roll out the red carpet, for today brings the arrival of The Special Boy, destined to be the most special boy in all the starts, and do the special boy thing in a few albums time. Star Wars.

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Josephine is murdered for the first time, and Patrick gets a hilarious slapstick reaction image, for reasons hitherto unknown.

Cambria reads the mind of the man who convinced them to kill their kids, and discovers that, shockingly, he plans to kill their fourth child as well. Great work, everyone.

tfw you suddenly realise you didn't have to kill your own children

Meanwhile, thousands of miles and sixty genres of comic book away,

This is Claudio's high school girlfriend, Newo. The less said here, the better. We'll get to her.

This is the second time that Joesephine's death has led to a slapstick gag??? I would like to speak to the manager!!

Claudio's Special Boy powers begin to awaken as Joesephine awakens from Death #1

Every time they have a character literally sing the song it makes my whole body seize up.

Just gonna include this whole page because i think it's actually really good. It's the first time the weird focus on gags actually works?

And our special boy escapes into the night, never to be mentioned again until the next album, when his special boy day finally arrives.