Join Our Network

We started Abnormal Mapping because we were told podcasting was a medium for everyone. As time has gone on, that's seemed increasingly untrue. Never mind the huge market for more corporate podcast products, just being able to find the time to make a show is hard, much less pay for hosting when you're as poor as we are.

Thankfully we've been lucky enough to have a Patreon successful enough to underwrite us having a good website with plenty of hosting, and we want to pay that forward. To that end, we want to open our doors and let more people find a home with Abnormal Mapping, with as few strings attached as possible. That means you can pitch a show to us and we'll host it for you and help you get it up on iTunes for the low price of nothing but a plug. Let's talk about how this works.

  • You submit to us one pilot episode that meets our minimum guidelines, to, in an MP3 format. How you do that is up to you. We like dropbox, but google drive is fine too! Let us know what your show will be like, how often it'll publish, etc. We'll look it over.
  • We will offer the same podcast hosting we get through SquareSpace. You can go to the homepage to look at how our shows are formatted. It isn't fancy, but hey, it works!
  • All we ask is that you plug our network and our Patreon in your shows. It can be as simple as "[x] is hosted on the Abnormal Mapping network, which you can find at or support through Patreon at" Easy!
  • You can have your own Patreons! Podcasting is expensive, and living is even moreso. We're not asking for money, and we don't want to stop you from making money. So feel free to support your show through your own means, we're not going to stop you and we never want a cut.
  • Going forward you'll submit your show via the same methods and we'll get it up within 24 hours of you sending off the email. I wish we could promise faster turnaround, but we're only two people. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience!

And that's it! It's pretty no-strings-attached, I feel like. We want this to be painless. That said, there are a few more rules about the kinds of shows we want. So please read this next list carefully:

  • We're a community about marginalized people, so your show must have at least one regular co-host that isn't a cishet white man. I hope this won't be controversial, so please understand that we want to open podcasting up to more people.
  • Your podcast can't be a platform for bigotry or hate speech. I feel like this goes without saying, but I want it clear.
  • Given that we have to do the backend stuff for people given the limitations of SquareSpace, we request you update no more than once a week and (for the sake of your audience) no less than once every six weeks. I think that's a pretty good gulf to work within. I'm sorry if you have a good idea for a daily podcast, we just don't have the infrastructure to accommodate you.
  • Please don't just record webcam mics on a skype call if you can help it. If you aren't sure how to put together a decent sounding podcast, we're happy to help. Just send us an email. It doesn't have to be professional but also a bit of effort goes a long way.
  • You need to provide episode art yourself. It doesn't have to be fancy but it should align with iTunes' requirements (1500x1500 in size, etc.).
  • You'll be given an Abnormal Mapping URL (eg. but if you want to provide your own domain to redirect you're welcome to do it.

These rules are subject to change and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We'll work with you to help you find your feet and find your voice. We hope to hear you soon!