The Great Gundam Project

Gundam Head MSG Final 1500.png

The Great Gundam Project is a weekly podcast, where M and I are embarking upon a quest to watch every Gundam episode in existence. This podcast will go until either Gundam ends... or we do. 

It is our first premium podcast, accessible to all patreon backers of $1+ a month. All of our other shows will remain free, and we think this is totally worth the price of admission, it's going to be a fun journey and we'd love to have you along for the ride!

We will be watching 2 episodes a week and going in release order. So assuming they stop releasing Gundam tomorrow - which they will not do - this podcast will run for a little over eight years. 

It's time to go to space.

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The Great Gundam Project is a patreon exclusive cast, but we will be releasing the first episode of every new season for free, to give people a taste of what the show is like, and to give people more opportunities to come aboard our journey through the world of of big robots and sad teens.