Episode 47 - Gilbert Dead

After an extended hiatus, Fireside Friends returns! Join Allen, Kaity, and Ryan as they catch up on the latest media discourse. Star Wars: Bad. Star Trek: Also bad. Anime: ...good?

Now, imagine this: In segment two, the crew discusses the sad Netflix anime Violet Evergarden for their shared experience. In our discussion, we address an age-old question that haunts our lives: What is love? Grab a box of tissues, because this one gets emotional.

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Episode 45 - Woke Mario

This month, the Fireside Friends crew talks Full Metal Alchemist and recounts concert horror stories before discussing the 1979 film The Warriors for their shared experience!

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Persona Non Grata - Episode 4

Persona Non Grata is a mini-podcast series that follows Allen and Ryan as they make their way through Persona 5! This episode, we explore Futaba’s palace, uncover the mystery of the hacker group Medjed, and check up on our social links.

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Fireside Friends: Special Announcement

Fireside Friends has found a new home at Abnormal Mapping!

What does this mean for the podcast going forward? Ryan and Allen walks you through the details.

Thanks much to all of the people who have supported us up to this point. Your support and generosity means the world to us, and we wouldn’t have made it this far without your help.

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